Tuesday, October 6, 2009

"Save Pete the Moose"

Pete! You're so lucky to have a name! That you are "Pete" or "Peter" to those who know and love you means you're different -- and maybe you'll be better taken care of than "that moose in Vermont" might be.

Talk about teaching moments. Yesterday, soon after my post about calling animals "he" or "she" and giving them names too, there was a newspaper story about Pete, a Vermont moose whose living quarters and very future are threatened. People have sprung to his defense, with "Save Pete the Moose" bumper stickers and a Facebook page with (then) 1,646 members.

Throughout the story, Pete is referred to as "he" when not by "Pete" or "Peter." Nice! No doubt that personalizing helped people relate to Pete and the issue. (It, by the way, has to do with "chronic wasting disease," "captive hunting facilities" [oh, boy, the Trenton Times' "Outdoors" columnist would probably love them!] . . . and, ultimately, politics.)

A link to the story follows, and it's worth reading -- not just because of its "I told you so" content!



Anonymous said...

Poor Mr. Lawrence! I'm glad Pete has so many supporters.

Lyle said...

Thank you for this. All of us, as friends of Pete, know that every voice in his defense helps.