Friday, April 9, 2010

Hard-earned joy

There’s good news – no, “unbelievably exciting news” -- on the fur front. It comes from Julie O’Connor, a tireless animal advocate who heads up Caring Activists Against Fur (CAAF), often mentioned in this blog.

Julie’s organization, sometimes joining others that also protest against fur garments and trim, the stores selling fur and the fur industry in general, regularly demonstrates in New York City and north Jersey. The last demo for this “fur season” was in March at Lord & Taylor, Fifth Ave.

Now, in a message to those involved with CAAF activities, Julie has revealed the back story on that demo and Lord & Taylor.

Shortly before the March event, Julie heard that L & T had closed down its fur salon, although it was still selling fur accessories like rabbit fur earmuffs online. She went ahead with the protest and contacted PETA, suggesting they work with L & T to go fur-free entirely.

Now, Julie reports, that has happened! PETA has advised Julie that L & T is fur free!

Julie believes that “the continuous, targeted pressure is what made this victory possible.” She would like to think “one of the executives saw one of our signs and received some of our literature & it planted the seeds of change.”

She’s confident that “We’re on the verge of something BIG – first, JC Penney [March ‘09] and now L & T.” She adds, “We CAN and DO make a difference! Again, this proves the fight is out on the street. Now let’s keep the victory going for other sentient beings!”

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