Monday, October 4, 2010

Possible answers to a reader's question

Following the Sept. 19 post, Fiona, a reader, commented on how she has helped feral cats on her own and wondered if/how she might get financial help for spaying a cat that may have given birth this summer. From a specialist in the area of feral cats – an advoCAT, in fact – come these suggestions:

1 – Talk with members of your area rescue groups. You can usually find them on weekends at participating pet stores, where they encourage people to adopt animals. These groups may have grant money for spay/neuter.

2 – If you’re a New Jersey resident, contact the staff member at Animal Protection League of NJ (APLNJ) who specializes in feral cats. The phone # there is 1-732-446-6808; the email address is

3 – See if this organization can help fund spaying feral cats: Spay USA. Phone 1-800-248-7729 or 1-203-377-7729 to advise them of your situation. You may be asked where the closest low-cost spay/neuter clinic or vet is located and what the cost is.

Good luck!

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