Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Work to do after the bear hunt

Mid-week after NJ’s shameful black bear hunt, Angi Metler, executive director of Animal Protection League of NJ says, “If the Governor thinks this is over, he is sadly mistaken. We are taking this fight much further and will stay in it until black bears are protected permanently.”

She reports a total of 589 bears killed during six days last week – or almost 100 a day on average. Though there’s no report yet on cubs or yearlings, one news story indicated about 60% of those killed were females.

Besides continued phone calls to Governor Christie (609-292-6000) to protest the hunt, APLNJ urges hunt-opponents to target NJ Legislators in the "New Jersey Angler and Hunter Conservation Caucus." (It doesn't matter where you live; many of these legislators aspire to be governor. Phone or write to them.)

Says APLNJ, “The NJ Hunter Caucus was set up in New Jersey by a couple of hundred loudmouths who have bamboozled legislators into thinking they are an ‘electoral force,’ when the NY Times has written that gun groups' real electoral power is in retreat and when NJOA couldn't even gets its candidate (Marcia Karrow) nominated in a Republican primary.

"From powerful Senate President Stephen Sweeney to Tom Kean, Jr., politicians are making a political calculation that the hunters' side is the place to be. We need to prove them wrong.

“Our safety is now at risk,” APLNJ declares. In reaching out to those in the caucus, we should demand that each “Senator/Assemblyperson remove himself/herself from this shady caucus and represent families with children who do not want hunters in our backyards and who respect wildlife.”

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