Wednesday, May 25, 2011

With friends like this ACO, who needs . . .?

"Beaver shootings by Princeton animal control officer prompt outrage and alleged cover-ups," read the headline in today. The story:

The shooter in the May 13 killing in Princeton of two beavers is known. He reportedly told a resident he was going to get rid of them. Then he did – after dark, in a town park, with a .22 rifle.

Mark Johnson, the shooter, is the animal control officer in Princeton borough and Princeton township, which share the health dept. services that include animal control.

Robert Bruschi, Princeton borough administrator, told the Princeton Packet (May 20) Johnson viewed [the beavers] as “a nuisance.” . . .

To read the rest of this story, click below. Then please write a comment after the latest Packet story about the killing of these 2 beavers. If the public doesn't let Princeton officials know how they feel about this ACO's latest bad deed, things will never change.



Susie Wilson said...

I am sure that beavers all over the state, if not the word, are cheering for you!

smita joshi said...

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