Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Buying time in beaver case?

The Princeton beaver shooting case is on hold, with no action taken for or against the ACO who shot the two beavers on May 13.

The link below leads to a summary story telling where things stand right now on this issue. Overall, it still sounds like a situation of “Let’s buy time so maybe those who protested will move on to something else.”

Meanwhile, yesterday’s Packet reported the same animal control officer caught a rabid raccoon near a school. The story gave him some quotable quote opportunities, and he sounded like "Mr. Careful and Compassionate."

Nay, not so.

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Carolyn Foote Edelmann said...

Have written posts for my Packet Blog, NJ WILD, and for Princeton Patch, and commented electronically to Packet on this egregious act.

I protest this self-justified dangerous shooting of nature's creatures, deemed nuisances and slaughtered for natural activities - raising water levels and eating vegetation.

I, too, am alarmed that this man is now the source of information and activities for raccoons, foxes and black bear! Fox tending the henhouse, if you ask me.

On one of my electronic protests, my fury was mocked as hilarious.

People find death amusing now?

I find this action in a PRESERVE unconscionable!

Carolyn Foote Edelmann
Naturalist, Poet, NJ WILD, Princeton Patch "The Nature of Princeton"