Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Against declawing & fur for humans

It happens, but that doesn't make it right or desirable. The "it" here is declawing cats. It's most often done to protect furniture, as silly as that may sound. People look at a cat, whose standard equipment includes claws, and decide to redesign the cat -- rather than look around for alternatives to that procedure.

And there are plenty of alternatives to this inhumane practice that's illegal in at least 3 European countries, though not in the US.

For details about declawing and its alternatives, please visit www.nj.com/pets, another place where I blog about/for animals. The two most recent entries there are all about declawing.


This reminder from Caring Activists Against Fur: this weekend, celebrating Martin Luther King, is often also the time for big sales, including furs, and never the twain should meet -- a proponent of peace and an industry that's all about death.

The organization invites others against fur to rally at three sites, as shown below:

Sat., Jan. 14 - Steven Corn Furs, 358 Rte. 17N Paramus, NJ -- 1-2:30 pm
Sun., Jan. 15 - Bloomingdale's, Lexington Ave. at 59th NYC -- 1-3 pm
Mon., Jan. 16 - Macy's, 151 W. 34th St. NYC -- 1–3 pm

For more details, visit www.CAAFGroup.com or email information@caafgroup.com.


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