Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sites to cite

“When animal experimenters create monkeys with glowing feet (as we recently saw) or whatever the horror of the week is, the story is carried front and center in newspapers and on television. When no new breakthroughs occur - or worse - when people become ill or die from drugs tested on animals, the stories, if carried at all, are usually tucked away in the business section. Placed here, the major aspect of interest becomes the decline of the value of the pharmaceutical company, not of the individuals who have died or of the effect on their families. . . .”

The New Jersey Animal Rights Alliance, or NJARA, now offers an anti-vivisection website, The excerpt above comes from the first post there.

This ‘Animal Beat’ post is intended to introduce both ARISE, the program behind that website, as well as its parent organization, NJARA itself. The paragraphs that follow (taken from the ‘askuswhy’ blog) give capsule information about both.

"The ARISE program, created by NJ Animal Rights Alliance, promotes ground breaking and powerful non-animal research that creates better science, is more effective and saves lives.

This message is carried through this continually updated website, our accompanying literature and healthy/compassionate living guides, and our schedule of lectures and tabling events.

Established in 1983, NJ Animal Rights Alliance is a community based, non-profit, educational organization. Through our programs of promoting responsible science, ethical consumerism, and environmentalism, we advocate changes that greatly enhance the quality of life for animals and people, and protect the earth.

To learn more about NJARA, we encourage you to contact us at 732-446-6808 or visit our website for more information. "

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