Saturday, July 25, 2009

A "clarification"

With luck and care, corrections and re-statements won’t become regular things here. Now, however, a quick “clarification" is called for. The end of the “3 amigos” post raised the issue of women prevailing as animal advocates, implicitly asking “where are the men?” Well, some men are there – heading up both the ASPCA ( and the Humane Society of the US ( So here’s credit where credit is due – even though the overall breakdown of women to men in this field remains to be seen.

But . . . Both reading and events since that earlier post have raised questions about the position of both those organizations on the issue of no-kill shelters. (Note: that term, and so many others tossed around in discussions of animals, needs definition. Animal advocates must often disagree among themselves because they haven’t defined what they mean by “no-kill” -- and innumerable other words.)

It’s worth an hour’s browsing on both websites above to get an idea of what both organizations are about, how they tell their own stories and how persuasive each one is.

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