Friday, January 22, 2010

Separation anxiety @ home

A vacation week away looms, with more time than that for Harry and Billy to board at the vet’s. As usual, this is an upsetting, depressing, guilt-inducing time for me. (For them, it may mean only escaping my mothering, cuddling, petting, brushing, clipping. . . ! I’ll never know for sure, which may be just as well.)

So as usual, I’m making mental deals with the powers: let them be alright and I’ll (do such and such). And over-mothering, cuddling, etc. – to their puzzlement? And already calculating when we can phone back and find out how they’re doing.

Cats like to stay at home, with their own toys, food, water, warmth, habits. . . That refrain is common in “cat lore.” So what will happen tomorrow morning? We’ll manage to get them into their carriers, then the car and thence to the vet’s. This is not the picture I’d choose – except that finding in-home sitters these days is tough to impossible.

Do any readers experience similar anguish at separation from companion animals, for however brief a time? If Y, how do you deal with it?

Of course, the up-sides of Harry and Billy being at their own “resort” while we’re away: (1) if they get sick, they’re already in the right place; (2) someone else can do their nails this time (unless I succeed today!); (3) they’ll have an enforced rest – just what cats need! (4) if what I’ve heard is true, they really don’t have a good sense of time, so they may not recognize X number of days passing; (5) they’re only 5 or 6 miles from home when we go to pick them up.

Thought for today, and beyond: "Vacations are good for us. The boys will be safe and cared for. We’ll all reunite soon!"

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