Friday, January 8, 2010

Smart dogs don't make coffee

Recent radio news indicated that a few bomb-sniffing dogs at Philadelphia Airport failed their re-certifying tests. The announcer hurried to add that the dogs will be re-trained and no doubt test better next time.

Reportedly, these dogs "work daily to sharpen their craft"; the ranks of bomb-sniffing dogs are elite!

To all of which I say only, "Smart doggies!" Being a service animal is bad enough; being a successful bomb-sniffer is worse, especially if there's any chance you'll sound the alarm a few seconds too late.

I hope those dogs failed on purpose. Now they can relax for awhile and maybe even live doggie lives. They remind me of the stories years ago about women in offices who deliberately made terrible coffee in the break room. That cut their chances of ever being asked to make coffee again.

Good dogs!

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