Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Another country heard from (woof!)

So cats are clever, gravity-defying and fastidious drinkers, according to findings reported here last time. A dog fan was bound to want a say, and it happened in the NYTimes on Monday.

Acknowledging that “cats are superior to sloppy-go-lucky dogs,” James Gorman added, “and no doubt to people as well,” before detailing his own spills and drops. Dogs are tolerant of his personal failings, he noted, suggesting that they might as well be since they’re just as messy.

While cats drink with “neatness and precision,” a dog will “slurp water and then look up at you with a big, happy smile as water cascades from her jowls to the floor.”

It seems as if Gorman’s main reason for preferring dogs is that they’re at least as slurpy-sloppy as people can be. Or is he saying they’re so much worse they make people look good?


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