Friday, November 12, 2010

Shelter animals are waiting

Kate has red hair like her Dad’s and a bouncy nature. Her Mom is blond and has a nose ring and a tattoo and double ear piercings in one ear. One day this happy family sees a newspaper ad for “The Rescue Center: The center for dogs without a home, The center for dogs all alone.”

With that, they decide: “Let’s Get a Pup!” It must be small and cute and get all excited and run around in circles, they say. Off they go to the Rescue Center, where they meet every kind of dog imaginable . . . and Dave.

Dave is small and cute and gets all excited and runs around in circles. He’s white with spots and an orange collar, and suggests a Jack Russell terrier. It’s two-way love at first sight.

As they leave the shelter with Dave, Kate and her parents meet Rosy, who is “old and gray and broad as a table.” Rosy is a dear, but they must leave her behind.

Dave spends his first night with Kate and her parents and everyone’s happy about that, but . . . the next morning they all confess they didn’t sleep well because they were thinking about . . . Rosy.

Off they go again to the Rescue Center, this time for Rosy, who comes back home with the family. The last scene: Kate and Dave and Rosy all happy and home together on Kate’s bed.

This charming picture book by Bob Graham, “Let’s Get a Pup!” conveys many good messages: Domestic animals like dogs and cats need loving homes. Shelter animals are especially in need of loving homes. Kind people can make a big difference in the lives of animals and make themselves happy in the process. Love comes in all ages and sizes.

(Candlewick Press, Cambridge MA 02140, c. 2001; paper 2003)

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