Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It happened last night

No one spoke against an animal shelter and only a few people raised road block-questions or proposed far-out alternatives. The only real problem, and it's a biggie: after about two hours of discussion, the Hopewell Township committee reached no decision about an animal shelter.

Now what?

The presentation made by Easel's ED Mark Phillips about a regional no-kill animal shelter in Hopewell was meant to strengthen possible wobblers on the committee. At some points, though, it seemed as if everyone was wobbling and everything was in flux.

Unfortunately, time limits didn't seem to exist, and committee members who wandered off the track were not called back by the mayor, who (nominally) ran the meeting. So it went on and on.

Toward the end, one committee member said the group should first decide whether they want a regional shelter and only after that, decide how to do it. Unfortunately, she wasn't running the meeting.

Now what?

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