Thursday, March 31, 2011

Kingston hosts wild animals on Saturday

This Saturday afternoon at 2 pm, a free program in Kingston will introduce four “animal ambassadors” from the Mercer County Wildlife Center. All are permanent residents there because for one reason or another, they can’t be released back into the wild.

Shown here from the last such visit, the turkey vulture can’t fly. But s/he provided a fascinating close up look at an animal we usually see in fields or by the side of the road, making a meal of dead animals. (photo by Tari Pantaleo)

A barred owl and two more (alive!) Center residents kept the vulture company. This Saturday, the focus will be on hawk family members.

The event, sponsored by the Kingston Greenways Assn., is open to all and appropriate to all ages. It promises to tell those who attend “more about these species, their interface with our world, and what to do and NOT do should you come upon wildlife in need of help.”

The one-hour presentation will take place at the Mapleton Preserve/D&R Canal State Park, 145 Mapleton Road. For more information, phone 609-750-1821 or see

Information about the county’s Wildlife Center appeared earlier in this blog. A state and federally licensed facility that cares for injured, ill and displaced native wildlife, it is located on Rt. 29 in Hopewell. More information about the Center can be found at this website:

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