Saturday, April 2, 2011

‘And the winner is . . . ’

Remember Radu, the very special rescued cat in St. Thomas? He was the subject of a post here on February 10, and his “mother’s” efforts to spread “cat cafes” on the island also came in for some attention here around that time.

The “multi-rescued cat” might be a more accurate way to describe orange and white Radu, also the hero of a booklet that’s sold all over the island. First, he was rescued in Romania, his owner’s native country, then he was rescued a few more times via surgery to fix his cleft palate.

Now in his and Dellia Holodenschi’s “forever home” on St. Thomas, Radu became a contestant in an online photo contest sponsored by the Human Society of the US and Humane Society International, tied in with its annual Spay Day campaign. Votes equaled dollars, and Radu’s good looks and great story attracted numerous “votes.”

The excellent news: Radu took 2nd place in a field of nearly 29,000 animals!

As a result, the Humane Society of St. Thomas has earned $6,843 from the contest. It will be used for spaying and neutering 60 owned and feral animals on the island.

Once again, Radu has lived up to the name Holodenschi gave him: “feral freedom fighter.” In this case, it’s “freedom from unwanted pregnancies, kittens and puppies.”

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