Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A great day for the horses

Not only was last Sunday’s weather wonderful -- bright, sunny and gusty – but the turnout at the Horse Rescue United open house was also terrific. Lots of people made it to New Egypt and then to parking areas near the barn and pastures.

Diana Tuorto, VP of HRU's board, reported that the organization “raised over $1,100 so far and we still have silent auction items to be paid and two vendors left to donate. . . Hopefully, we'll cover our $1,500 expenses for May or come very close to that!”

She gave a few cost for-instances: $800 a month to rent the facility, before hay, grain or shavings – all additional purchases. One delivery of hay runs about $500, while grain fluctuates.

Then come farrier and dental expenses, any shots the horses may need, pain killers and various supplements.

Tuorto estimated, “We probably had about 200-250 people between the first wave in the AM and the afternoon rush.”

During our visit, Joe and I saw lots of kids with their families. They practiced how to greet and feed carrots to the horses, besides learning from those around them that it’s a good thing to take care of horses in need.

Best of all, besides the presence and interest of so many people -- all exceedingly warm about horses -- there were the horses themselves. Dear Tristan was in fine fettle, eating carrots left and right, sometimes blocking Cooper and Jessica from reaching the fence where people waited to offer snacks. Trolley was nearby, getting her share too.

A fine day, apparently good for everyone.

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Diana Tuorto said...

Thanks for this, Pat! It was so nice to meet you and Joe. We are thrilled to announce that we have covered our $1,500 estimate for May expenses as a result of the open house. We always need sponsors for ongoing costs, however, and we are in great need of homes for our horses to make room for horses in need on our waiting list. Please visit http://www.horserescueunited.org to learn more- thank you!