Friday, April 22, 2011

'Exit 8 bear' safe -- for now

During the last week, a NJ black bear climbed a tree near exit 8 of the turnpike. Eventually, the two-year old was tranquilized, brught down and re-located to Assunpink wildlife area.

Drivers could stop gawking and slowing traffic, police and fire fighting personnel could get back to more usual business and the response truck from DEP's Fish and Wildlife division could move elsewhere.

And -- at least for awhile -- this bear was safe: a lucky position to be in, after NJ's notorious bear hunt last December, headed up by the very same DEP/Fish and Wildlife crowd.

Two stories in dealt with the bear in the tree. The best thing about them was the comment following the second story, written by a person intimately and knowledgeably involved with last year's hunt, Angi Metler, the executive director of Animal Protection League of New Jersey.

Read Metler's comment, if nothing else!

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