Thursday, July 7, 2011

"For the animals’ for sure

“Mark your calendar and get ready for some amazing cow kisses, pig nuzzles, chicken snuggles, goat rubs, and kitty cuddles.”

Who could resist that invitation?

It’s the opening greeting in the newsletter from “for the animals sanctuary” in Blairstown, NJ, a place I hope to visit this summer. You might feel the same way.

The sanctuary was started by Debbie Kowalski, whose name and image appeared earlier in this blog when she was the fiery co-leader of CAAF (Caring Activists Against Fur), along with Julie O’Connor, also mentioned earlier here. Debbie was the woman behind the megaphone as marches and demonstrations got underway in NYC. She was always there, ready to lead parades of protesters, who often brandished posters Debbie had also supplied. Her commitment was undoubted and she always seemed fearless.

Now, her ultra compassionate-sounding sanctuary is a beacon for those who truly “love animals” (not those who “love animals” because they're pets and/or pretty and/or needy – then eat and wear and experiment on other animals).

Here’s a link to the website, where you can sign up to receive the newsletter. Please consider donating to and/or visiting the sanctuary. (July 10 – this coming Sunday – and July 17 are visiting days this month.) Maybe we’ll meet there sometime soon -- in line for a cow kiss or a pig nuzzle.

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