Thursday, July 14, 2011

Times editorial gets it right

Today's Times of Trenton includes an editorial that's wonderfully right-on: "Garbage control key to bear control." With it, the Times has started a potentially useful dialogue on the subject of bear hunts way before the projected December '11 hunt -- and maybe in good time to help head it off.

Last year's hunt drew protesters in droves, and for excellent reasons that only began with the fact that New Jersey's black bears are not harmful to humans. Try to convince the DEP division agitating for an annual hunt of that.

The editorial writer says, "There are more humane and responsible ways to regulate the state's bear population than annual hunts. . . " before detailing many of those ways.

We hope this editorial is the first in a series, coupled with responsible letters to the editor and op-ed pieces that amplify the case against bear hunts in this state.

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