Saturday, February 11, 2012

Diving horse (and animal abuse) redux

There’s not enough animal abuse these days. Let’s ramp it up.

Let’s see . . . what can we add to the inventory of ways to hurt, demean and exploit animals? Ah, got it! Bring back the Steel Pier diving horse!

We can always learn from the past, and this diving horse idea is pure inspiration. People used to love it in Atlantic City, so they’ll probably come out in droves for it again.

What about the horse, you ask? Not to worry – horses love diving from great heights into water. Just like those Lipizzaner horses who love doing those crazy dance steps. Nothing like a trained animal . . . except the money it’ll bring in.

Just think of the circus tigers and elephants who do tricks too – even the baby elephants, taken away from their mothers so they can be trained to keep up the family tradition.

Animals love attention and want to work. We’re just helping them . . .

* * * * * * * * * *

The recent announcement that the Steel Pier diving horse act will in fact return this summer has triggered a protest reaction by animal activists (who must have thought this idea died a final death in the 90s, when they objected to a much smaller scale version of it – and stopped it.)

But no, it seems that awful ideas live longest. Here’s a link to the story about it from the Press of Atlantic City; if necessary, please just copy and paste:

Those who want to sign a petition against this idiocy can go to

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