Monday, February 27, 2012

Lobster’s size saved it

A week or so ago, a shrimp fisherman off Rockland, Maine, pulled up his nets and found a 27-pound lobster. That size Crustacean is hard to visualize, so imagine holding a three-year old child (without giant red claws) in your arms. One media story offered that comparison.

This lobster, named “Rocky” because of where he was caught and his claws’ resemblance to Rocky Balboa in boxing gloves, did not go into a giant lobster pot filled with boiling water.

The guy who netted him decided instead to take him to a maritime aquarium, where Rocky was weighed and measured, admired and photographed (after his claws were banded) . . . and a few days later, released back into the Atlantic.

For more information about Rocky, including why he escaped becoming dinner for at least one Maine family, go to the site below.

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Reminders: (1) Tuesday the 28th is National Spay Day, an event promoted by the Humane Society of the US. Check the organization website (listed at right) to get an idea of what people all over the country are doing to observe the day.

Be alert: there may be special spay/neuter-related activities in this area. Every spay helps a cat to avoid continuous pregnancies and live healthier. It also helps level off the number of feral cats in the world – which is great, because they are the least likely cats to survive if they’re picked up and taken to shelters.

(2) Visit for in-depth commentaries about pets.

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