Saturday, April 14, 2012

Animal advocates in perPETual motion

It must seem some time to animal advocates, friends of homeless animals, pet partisans -- call them what you wish -- that fundraising and "pitching pets" are never-ending activities.

Take EASEL Animal Rescue League for instance. On Saturday April 21, Easel is sponsoring a five-hour pet adoption event at the Trenton Farmers Market. Some 20 cats and a half-dozen dogs from the Ewing Animal Shelter will be there between 10-3, ready to be adopted and taken home by their new families.

Then, less than a week later, on Friday, April 27, EASEL will sponsor "Casino Night" at the Trenton Country Club, with proceeds benefiting the animals.

EASEL members -- all unpaid volunteers with lives to lead, jobs and families -- put in tremendous amounts of time for the good of animals -- cats and dogs mostly. While other people may be stretched out on the couch watching TV or even getting chores done, EASEL volunteers are all over the place, thinking up ideas for ways to help animals and carrying them out.

Which is all so impressive, so notable.

If you or someone you know is looking for a pet -- a dog or cat or kitten -- consider stopping by the Farmers Market (960 Spruce St, Lawrence) this Saturday. Wonderful prospective pets will be there. Right now, except for the Ewing Shelter, they are homeless, but they'd love to lose that status.

Stop by to say hello. . . to make a donation. . . to adopt a pet, or all of these. You might also visit the EASEL website -- -- which is terrific as well as informative.

Help EASEL help animals find loving, forever homes.

(Please remember: visit for a mix of info and opinions about pets!)

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