Tuesday, April 24, 2012

EASEL @ the Farmers Market

There's news of all sorts in the animal world, so much of it that it's hard to summarize.Let's start local with the EASEL adoption day last Saturday at the Trenton Farmers Market. (Luckily, we missed the drenching Nor'easter by a day, and had to "endure" only bright sun and gusty breezes at times.)

The best part, as usual, was how the dogs seemed to relish being out of the shelter and into the bright light of day -- meeting people, looking around and being the center of attention.

Another highlight: the two dogs from Alabama, of the 4 or 5 who were transported from there to New Jersey to escape a kill shelter. The story of their travels will be told later. Suffice it to say here that they were dear dogs, a mix of hound and another working breed I forget, with wonderful markings and seemingly lovely manners.

One, "Dixie," was a 3-month old puppy, and darling. The second one was adopted before the 5-hour stretch ended. (His new family is shown in the photo.)

Lots of EASEL people there, and a pretty good turn out of others interested at least in meeting the animals. Some 20 cats were in the county van, able to see out and be seen. No kittens yet; they're still too young.

The bottom line: 2 cats and 2 dogs adopted, for 4 fewer shelter animals in the world. That can only be good!

So now EASEL will continue with weekend adoption events at pet stores in the area -- schedule on the website: www.easelnj.org. Come on out!

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