Saturday, February 6, 2010

The family reunited

Saying goodbye to the iguanas and other Caribbean animals meant saying hello again to Harry and Billy – something we had waited eagerly to do.

Once ransomed from the vet’s boarding facility and home again, they sprang out of their carriers and sniffed their way around the downstairs rooms, checking out anything new or in a different place. Then, for much of the day, Billy retired to his spot under “his” chair blanket, while Harry walked around and around, often calling out and then being wholly willing to be picked up and cuddled.

That night, each of them visited us in bed, though at different times. Overall, they both seemed quite happy to be home. And why not? Safe and secure as the vet’s was, they had missed many comforts, including freedom to move around, hide, play, look out at the birds . . ., and us too.

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Anonymous said...

On this cold day, it warms me to see your wonderful cats looking so safe and secure. They are a treasure worth coming home to. However, with Saturday’s snow and more on the way, you might be wishing you had extended your time away from Harry and Billy -- or maybe not. CJ