Saturday, February 6, 2010

Iguanas, sea turtle and cats – Cats?!?

Back from vacation in “Technicolorland,” just in time for the blizzard here. What a rude surprise this weather would be for most of the animals observed during a week in the Caribbean!

· the iguanas, of course. We saw so many of them, this time, happily, without witnessing mistreatment of them by tourists who think they’re fierce carnivores (and scream) or that it’s fun to pull their tails or feed them watermelon chunks

· small lizards by the score, and even one or two briefly in our room

· a skate, floating below me in a tropical bay

· a sea turtle, sighted from a ferry, near the water’s surface

· chickens, wandering free on two different islands

· goats, penned in a yard

· hermit crabs, some really big guys, featured in a seaside garden area near an open-air restaurant

· a school of fish -- not in bright tropical colors, but looking transparent, with just an outline

· a black Lab puppy on a walk

· cats – lots and lots of (presumably) feral cats, most of them looking quite young and acting quite hungry. Evidently, the island doesn’t practice TNR -- a shame for the cats. (If it’s published, a letter to the editor of the island paper may at least raise the subject.)

Nice meeting all of you!

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