Thursday, February 11, 2010

She 'doth protest too much'

Visitors are invited to read the comment that was received within hours of the post earlier today. Fascinating. (Gosh, is there any chance this person is connected, profitably, with the carriage trade?) Please note: no reference to the carriage horses who have inhaled exhaust and dirt day after day; to those who have had to plod over all sorts of road surfaces in the worst weather; to those who were hurt or died on the job; to the hearings in New York about insufficient stall size and general upkeep.

Carriage horses as "icons" and "ambassadors" for New York City, or any city?! Oh, please. Is that what a horse's nature calls for?

A look at the websites of the organizations acting on behalf of carriage horses will detail the cruelty of these "working horses"' lives. ( Ms. Flynn's comments are sadly predictable but wholly unconvincing.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, the woman who posts under the pseudonym "michaleenflynn" is an Internet troll who posts the same tired comments in response to any article pertaining to the plight of carriage horses. Her identity is well known to many, and you are correct in concluding that she is connected to the carriage industry in NYC. Indeed.