Thursday, July 15, 2010

I.Q. comparison

The radio report yesterday lacked details, but essentially this was the story: a Chocolate Lab was left in a closed vehicle in 90 degree weather. S/he would have died a horrible and needless death, except that this was a dog with brains and guts.

S/he blew the horn until rescued. When checked out later by a veterinarian, the dog was essentially OK.

The “owner” (talk about undeserving humans and people in the wrong roles) had forgotten about the dog.

Nothing more to the report, including whether the person was fined or even reprimanded for his/her criminal carelessness. Nor did the report include any word on whether the dog took a bite out of the “owner” once they were reunited.

Here’s a good reason for companion animals to forget all about “unconditional love.” And still another reason to believe non-human animals are often smarter than humans.

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