Wednesday, July 28, 2010

They just can't win

Last week in Michigan, while carrying cows to the slaughter house, a truck turned over, giving the cows a chance to run for their lives. They did.

Reportedly, they made it over highway guardrails, forcing traffic detours and causing at least one accident. Within a day, seven of the 12 had been rounded up; there was no word then or later about the remaining five.

Here comes the kicker: State Police plan to euthanize them once all the cows are captured. No “compassion release” to a farm. No compassion, period. What more does a cow have to do to avoid the slaughter house, and needless death itself?

Of course, this is not a decision that cows can make. Of course, whoever “owned” the animals wants something to show for having raised them. Of course, of course. . .

It’s simple: Cows – and other animals that humans eat – can’t win. Not until we realize we don’t need meat, we can live nicely without it, and all animals deserve a life too . . . will such ugly stories disappear.

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