Monday, July 26, 2010

"The pooh crew" -- eu!

"Most dog owners do not enjoy picking up after their dogs." -- Huh?! Who said "picking up" had to be fun? Most dog owners may not enjoy "picking up" after themselves either, but they do, and survive it.

But, for the fastidious "dog owners" -- let's call them dog people" and skip the "owner" bit -- whose sensibilities are truly offended at the "picking up" task, now there's "The Pooh Crew."


A flyer available at our vet's office says, "Keep your family safe! Call us to remove your dogs[sic] waste. Enjoy your yard again!" Then it goes on to tick off the 3 health hazards of "dog waste" -- presumably when it's not picked up. By someone.

The services offered by the "Pooh Crew" include "picking up," well, pooh, as often as a client may desire; doing so in uniform*** and with "disinfected tools"; and electronic or paper invoices; as well as cleaning, disinfecting and deodorizing decks, patios, dog runs and kennels.

Rates vary, starting from as low as $12.50/service. Squeamish dog people are urged to "Call us today, don't delay!" because "A clean yard is a happy yard!"

(And seriously, squeamish dog people who may want this service can phone 609-883-7178 or 609-635-0998; or email

*** uniform! just imagine your pride when wearing "Pooh Crew" over your breast pocket!

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