Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Fur banned, at least during fashion week

In a recent message to anti-fur demonstrators, Julie O’Connor, who heads up Caring Activists Against Fur (CAAFgroup.com), included the news that Norway has banned fur during fashion week in Oslo next month.

Norway is the first of many nations that host “fashion weeks” to make this monumental decision. It may counter the effect of two incidents that drew worldwide attention during the holiday season, when political figures draped themselves in fur.

First was the Christmas card from Canadian MP Justin Trudeau to his constituents, featuring his family covered by a blanket made from coyote fur. Then on Christmas day, Queen Elizabeth II and the Duchess of Cornwall made news when both donned “Russian style” hats made from fox fur.

Each of these events drew criticism from the public and animal advocates, but undeniably, they also reflected a widespread sentiment that wearing fur is acceptable.

The Norwegian animal rights group, NOAH, was largely behind Norway’s fur ban next month. The organization had collected signatures from more than 200 designers, models, photographers and journalists to bar the use of fur. NOAH had also hosted a peaceful candlelight vigil in November protesting the fur industry. Over 4,000 supporters attended.

Now to see whether other countries follow suit and ban fur from their catwalks.

NOTE: for details about anti-fur demonstrations in the New York area this month and next, visit www.CAAFgroup.com.

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