Sunday, January 23, 2011

Off to "Technicolorland"

Blog posts will resume Feb 3 with a birthday paean to "Sweet William." Please come back then.

Meanwhile, why not check out earlier posts here (all the way back to May 2009) and/or think about the following definition of Veganism from Lee Hall's book, On Their Own Terms: Bringing Animal-Rights Philosophy Down to Earth.

Veganism is a principle that humanity has no right to exert dominion and thereby exploit other creatures. It seeks to end the use of other animals for human food, commodities, work, hunting, vivisection and all other deliberately exploitive purposes. Veganism takes the war-resister's principle of conscientious objection and expands it to encompass respect for all conscious life. It operates as direct action to spare other animals from being dominated by humanity. Thus, while it is applied to diet, it is more -- a principle in itself, and a movement to end the commodification of other animals, and, more profoundly yet, to respect all conscious beings on their terms.


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