Thursday, February 3, 2011

Billy’s birthday

Billy Summers turns 4 today. We’re happy for him and celebrating him in all the special ways we can think of – as well as congratulating ourselves for wanting Harry to have a buddy for company and then finding Billy.

We were so new to the world of cats when Billy joined our family that we didn’t even know he might be described as a “tuxedo cat.” But descriptions don’t really matter except to say Billy’s a love. He’s a gentle boy, and a curious one – sometimes easily spooked and sometimes just following Harry’s lead.

Billy is a consummate ball player. He invented the fetch game we all play with little foam balls. He’ll bring one to either of us to throw, then he races after it and brings it back for another throw. This can go on for hours.

Billy’s a cuddler, but only in bed and only at the times he wants to be there. Joe calls him “a dear little soul,” and he is that, except for the “little” part!

Love you, Sweet William!

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