Saturday, February 5, 2011

A sea lion’s raison d’etre

The last post was not to suggest that St. Thomas is flawless as far as animals are concerned. Far from it, as proven by the text below, taken from a full-page ad for Coral World Ocean Park.

“Remo, Franco, Omar, and Romulo are four amazing South American sea lions who make their home at Coral World Ocean Park on St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands.

“As the only marine mammals in the US Virgin Islands, the boys are a prime attraction for the thousands of visitors St. Thomas receives each year. They participate in public presentations every day, showing off their skills and demonstrating their fascinating physical adaptations. By being able to display these incredible animals, Coral World hopes to pass on a message of ocean and animal conservation to its guests.

“The boys also make time in their busy day to meet guests up close and personal, in one of the world’s only swim interaction programs with South American sea lions. No waist deep platforms here, our guests jump right in and swim with the boys! The sea lions are very affectionate, and will swim right up, allowing guests to pet them, snuggle in close, and pose for some unforgettable pictures. The program includes a dry land portion as well, where guests will learn about these amazing animals by spending some quality time with them, playing sea lion games, and getting their very own sea lion hugs and kisses.

“. . . Imagine your new Facebook profile picture – cuddling with 400 pound Franco.”

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