Sunday, February 6, 2011

St. Thomas to Saks Fifth Avenue

It’s everywhere: animal skin and fur adorning people, used by people, admired by people. And the latest unlucky animal to come to merchandisers’ attention is the stingray. Really.

On display in an upscale St. Thomas shop: a number of unusual-looking purses and even a very pricey black golf bag, partly textured and partly smooth leather. The unusual element: Stingray.

There's no escape, even in the ocean. (But we knew that already: only consider all the fish being “overharvested.”)

So now the stingray’s turn has come -- much to the dismay of stingrays everywhere.

An ad in today’s NYTimes pitches sandals by Yves Saint Laurent: patent leather with spike heels . . . and “stingray platforms.” $995.

Still another example of the humans who believe they have dominion over all other creatures. If they think at all.

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