Monday, January 17, 2011

Lots of kits at Caboodle

Learning about Cat House on the Kings was a great surprise to me, but almost as soon as that happened, someone mentioned a similar place in Florida – hundreds of cats, all taken care of. But she couldn’t remember its name.

It took a special segment of TV's "Colbert Report," poking fun at cats and Caboodle Ranch, a cat rescue sanctuary, for me to find out about it. Yes, it was the place my “cat friend” had meant.

Unlike Cat House on the Kings, which is also an adoption center, all the cats at Caboodle have found their “forever home,” and people wanting to adopt a cat are referred elsewhere. As might be imagined, Caboodle needs all the help it can get, and the site is filled with specifics on that.

There are also a number of videos about Caboodle and its founder, Craig Grant. Begun in 2003, Caboodle consists of 25 acres Grant bought, 5 at a time, “in the middle of 100 acres of wildlife.” (Yes, there’s fencing.)

It’s a strange, but happy, feeling to see a mini town with houses and other community buildings, all multi-colored. Curving “streets” wind through the town, and all the pedestrians are cats – of every kind and color. What a sight.

Here’s Caboodle’s website. See what you think.
And as a reminder, here's the link to Cat House on the Kings:

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