Friday, December 30, 2011

Cats' resolutions -- in my dreams

The next post will deal with new year's resolutions our pets might want us to make -- pertaining to them. Today, let's deal with resolutions we wish our pets would make -- pertaining to us.

For me, it's easy. I know exactly what Harry and Billy would resolve . . . if I had my way.

* Each boy would be more demonstrative. Yes, yes, I know they're cats. But. It would be great to have two cats on the bed with us, all night, instead of only one who visits late and leaves early. That would be warm and cozy and dreamy.

* Each boy would meet me, Joe or us at the door when we come home, make welcoming sounds and act glad to see us. (Or am I trying to turn them into dogs? Well, being greeted would be nice.)

* Brushing and combing would become fun activities. They would come running at my approach with tools in hand. And of course, they'd also love to have their claws cut. Uh-huh.

* Next spring, they'd give the halter and leash a good try so we could start taking walks outside. Gradually, they'd come to like actually being in the environment they see so much of through windows.

* They would climb right into their carriers when it's time to go to the vet's. If they were boarding, they would fit right in, never hiding under their bedding or showing any stress. They would work hard to avoid our feeling such guilt at leaving them there.

* They would play more. They'd forget that old saw about cats sleeping much of the day away. They'd get into all kinds of games and toys.

But, in case the Summers boys vote against all this, they're safe. We'll love them no matter . . . while still hoping for occasional tiny moves in some of these directions.

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