Friday, December 2, 2011

NJ's black bear hunt starts Monday

Earlier this week, the court ruled against the lawsuit to stop the NJ bear hunt and in favor of the Division of Fish and Wildlife. The bear hunt, scheduled to run next Monday, Dec. 5 through Saturday, Dec. 10, will go on.

Last year's hunt resulted in the deaths of nearly 600 black bears of all ages, including cubs, yearlings and nursing mothers. (That doesn't sound like Category 1 bears, does it?)

Last year's hunt was marked by horror stories and heinous quotable quotes from hunters about their rugs-to-be and their right to murder innocent animals. DFW fostered it all.

What can we do now? Animal Protection League of NJ plans demonstrations next week and vows not to give up on this issue. The organization will appeal the court's decision; however, that could take much of the next year.

Those who want to continue the fight for the bears can write letters to the editor, phone the governor and take part in APLNJ's activities planned for next week.

Check the websites where specifics will be available as they become final: and/or

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Anonymous said...

There are better ways to control the population than murdering innocent animals. there are MANY sanctuaries in this country, coast, and tri-state area. It is despicable.