Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Fur-bearing animals need YOU!

(The following message comes from Julie O'Connor, who leads Caring Activists Against Fur. It speaks for itself.)

Dear Caring Activists Against Fur,

This weekend - the weekend before Christmas - is the LARGEST shopping weekend of the year. Fur Free Friday is super-important, but research shows that people wait for deals just before Christmas. So, this weekend is IT! We will be at TWO major shopping locations in the city. We need reinforcements. Remember our electrifying Fur Free Friday? Well, let's keep it going - get motivated to speak up for fur bearing animals this weekend & SAVE LIVES. Very few people can watch the videos or see our posters and find that buying fur is an acceptable choice.

Help change people's minds during this critical time!

Sat.,12-17--Bergdorf Goodman 754 Fifth Avenue (57th and 58th Streets) NYC 1 - 3 Note: We'll reach shoppers from Bergdorf, FAO Schwartz and the Apple Store at this major location. We're bringing out the HUGE video screen and we'll have a sound permit. All we need is YOU! Can't make it to NY? No problem - there is also a fur demo in Red Bank, NJ: http://www.meetup.com/FAUNNJ/events/33777132/

Sun., 12-18-- Macys 151 W. 34th St. NYC 1-3 --The LARGEST department store in the world, need I say more? (At the end of this demo, some activists will be attending the horse carriage protest.) Details below.

I know that life is busy, but please come to at least one event this weekend because you are the last line of defense these animals have. In a world filled with greed and insensitivity, ruled by those who stack the deck against these innocent creatures, you are literally the animals' only voice. Your presence breaks through the haze of indifference and selfishness and MAKES CHANGE. You can give that gift for animals - don't let them down.

Additional Event Sunday (Horse Carriage Protest):

For the animals,
Julie (Caring Activists Against Fur)

P.S. Change is happening - animal rights activists are launching an anti-fur campaign in China this year (ActAsia - No Fur China Campaign)! It's wonderful news! We will prevail!


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