Sunday, May 16, 2010

2nd save by veteran dog rescuer

Valerie Noble, who saved a dog in Trenton last summer (see post for July 15, 2009), took action again this week, as her narrative here describes.

“I waiting outside my office on S. Clinton when I saw this beautiful yet filthy and boney little pit bull go trotting along and walking up to strangers. In a second I decided that she didn't belong to anyone in the vicinity (no collar) and called her to come.

“She immediately came to me and while it took a few minutes to get her to come inside my building, she eventually did and I got her into a safe room.(Coincidentally, the only available room was our adoption room!) Once I had her safely there, our receptionist called [Trenton] animal control.

“She never once barked, bit or anything! I sat on the floor with her as she jumped all around me, licked my hands and face, and eventually curled up on my lap and gave what I'm sure was a huge sigh of relief. She drank almost two bowls of water as we waited. All in all, she was absolutely the sweetest little thing, although filthy and definitely starved.

“I just gave her lots of love until animal control came. Once again, I gave them my name and number and asked that I be contacted should her cards not line up!

“I'm thinking about visiting her today just to be sure she's been given a bath, because boy was I covered in DIRT after yesterday! But I loved every second of it and I’m glad she is at the very least off the Trenton streets!”

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