Sunday, May 30, 2010

Happy anniversary

AnimalBeat began a year ago today. Now, nearly 170 posts later, I’m hoping it has done some good for animals – and people too. Regarding people, “good” would mean visitors to this blog have learned new things about animals and/or they’ve been prompted to think more positively about animals.

I decided against year-end activities like listing the topics that have been addressed here or summarizing comments. I wish only that readers of this post will go back to last May 30 and work forward, dipping into any posts that appeal. After that -- no surprise! -- I invite comments. It would be great to have a sense of who’s out there reading AnimalBeat, what they think of it and what suggestions they might offer.

Readers have occasionally told me they don’t understand how to post a comment. I tried commenting from another account, and these are the steps I followed. I hope they work for you.

1-- click where it says "0 comments" at the end of the post you want to comment on
2-- type your comment in the box
3-- do the word verification (type the word or letters shown)
4-- under "choose an ID," click on name/URL
5-- then type your first or whole name or pseudonym in the place provided
6-- preview your comment if you’d like
7-- "publish"
8-- at that point, the comment will be sent to me and I decide whether to publish or not. (I’m eager to publish!)
9-- check back later to see your comment. . . !

Thank you. Now on to AnimalBeat, “Volume 2.”

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