Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Saving an animal isn't all

Following up on her feel-good day last week when she rescued a young pit bull in Trenton (see "2nd save..." May 16), Valerie Noble writes about what happened the next day:

“I went to the shelter yesterday afternoon with a box of dog biscuits and spoke to one of the uniformed guards, introducing myself as the one who had picked up a stray the day before. (A sign on the door said something like "As of today, we are closed to any stray dogs.”) He asked me what breed and where I found her, and he knew exactly the little angel I described. He said the owners had picked her up that morning. Even commented on what a sweet girl she was.

“At that moment, I was quite furious that they had simply given her back to owners who had let their girl get so filthy and hungry and get out of their yard! The guard said she was 7 months old, had roamed from Pearl Street in Trenton and hadn't had any shots or been registered/licensed. He said the owners were given a week or so to get all appropriate documents.

“I thought to myself, ‘then what?’ but I didn't think to ask him about the consequences. He thanked me for taking care of her and I went on my way. I plan to check in with them next week [now this week] to see what they’ll tell me about her status.

“So, while I'm happy she's at least safe (I hope), I am still quite concerned that she's with owners who aren't truly worried about her well-being. I know, unfortunately, that this is all too common and I often look at my two rescue pups at home and just think about what their lives would have been!”

(We hope for good news from Val when she’s next in touch!)

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