Monday, May 3, 2010

Ethical Qs that can bug you

There’s a spider in the bathroom, and I know not to flush it or otherwise kill it. But before I can gather it in a tissue and walk it downstairs to the front door for deposit outside in the ivy, Harry the cat walks into the bathroom. Next time I look, no spider. If Harry in fact ate the spider, is that the law of the jungle, what carnivores do?

Last winter, bugs that came with or in the fire wood sometimes, inescapably, came into the house with it. What to do if a bug that wandered away from the wood could be scooped up and put back outside – except that the snow and ice out there would assure a short life span for the bug?

Mosquitoes: biters and itch-inducers as well as carriers of heartworm disease, which both dogs and cats can catch. They are not easily caught in any case, let alone to release outside. Kill them or share the house with them? And what about ticks that, despite all precautions, get inside? There’s a tick merrily climbing a wall – follow all the advice about how to dispose of it? or bundle it up and put it back outside (where it can find a different warm body and possibly cause some real harm)?

For me, these last two hypotheticals are easier to answer than the first two. How about for you?


Anonymous said...

If possible, I prefer to scoop up bugs that come into my house and deliver them outside. However, spider bites are no fun and, although I don’t feel good about killing them, I usually do as well as stinging insects that refuse to fly out of the wide-open window. CJ

Anonymous said...

I kill mosquitoes. They whine and keep us awake and bite in the night.