Tuesday, May 18, 2010

. . . squirrel specialist in the house?

Gray squirrels, yes. Black squirrels, yes. And lately, even choco-brown squirrels, yes. But: a gray squirrel with a red tail?

Don't say 'no,' because there's one in our neighborhood. S/he has a carroty colored tail and a gray body. Did s/he back into an electrical outlet? get hit by lightning? try peroxide starting at the tail end, then decide against it? experience a severe shock that changed tail color, as some humans claim to have turned gray or white over night?

Or, is this unconventional squirrel a mutant? If so, s/he's a happy-seeming mutant, moving about briskly and doing all the usual squirrelly things. Except being gray, black or brown.

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