Friday, June 5, 2009

Cowardly, at least

It’s easy to agree with a letter writer in today’s Times of Trenton. Reporting that someone had fatally poisoned a feral cat colony located in a Trenton cemetery, he closed with this: “I hope karma exists, because whoever did this deserves to be smacked by fate.”

How restrained the letter writer was! How easy it would be to bitterly rant against the “depraved individual” who fed the cats poisoned food. Cowardly comes to mind. Pathological too. Shall we add “sociopathic”? Where does such a person stop?

Why do humans seem so often to choose violence over reason, research, investigation, negotiation – whatever other ways would be appropriate to deal with a situation? In this case, alert an animal rescue group? look into TNR if “trap, neuter, release” had not already occurred?

But poisoning. That’s just dastardly. Hurry up, karma!

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