Sunday, June 28, 2009


FURbelow -- or FURbehind me? Which is to say, hasn't anyone ever thought of what to do with cat fluff brushed out (or deposited on rugs and furniture) in summertime? I'm sure thinking about it! Harry, our long-haired orange tabby, is most generous with fur and fluff, even though, weirdly to me, he usually doesn't like to be brushed or combed.

Here's still another new-business suggestion for some entrepreneur: Why not pillows filled with soft cat-hair? Sure, it would probably have to be cleaned in some way before becoming stuffing, but . . . that way, it could stay in the family! Much as I love ridding Harry of what I think must itch him and feel hot and heavy, I also hate to just throw out what I then remove from brushes and combs -- and rugs and ottomans and chairs!

Alpaca fur is touted as soft and warm. Isn't cat hair the same?

Which brings us to Billy, our shorthaired black and white baby. Though he too sheds in spring-summer, and I brush/comb him too, his hair isn't at all as soft as Harry's. Maybe it could be processed somehow. Or maybe only longhairs' hair should be considered for pillows. Who knows?

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