Thursday, June 11, 2009


Driving back from Princeton at twilight, in gentle rain, I passed a big “critter” (groundhog or opossum?) between the sidewalk and the curb along the park. He (I’m sure it was a boy) was gobbling the moist spring grass, which must be the very best ever. I wished him well – may he make it through the dry summer season, may he not get caught by a dog and may he not lose more habitat, now that the big house has gone up next to the park and some of the adjacent woodland has been leveled.

Next came a number of robins, on the other side of the road, no doubt flushing worms from the porous ground. This has been a big robin year – lots of them, and early. They never seemed to have left town last fall; I saw them in December and January. Has the climate changed enough for them not to leave?

A terrier-sized dog was running alongside a bike ridden (too fast, I thought) by a man. I told myself they may just have started and/or maybe they’d stop soon for a breath. That terrier looked ready to pause. I’ll hope I misread his appearance and he was lovin’ it.

Then, home, and the two winsome pussycats I hadn’t seen for hours. Even though they’d had dinner halfway through that time, they wanted me to believe they’d been forgotten at the food bowl. Again.

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Well done Blog. I'll be sure to pass it along.