Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Just a walk-on role

The walker would be Lilly, or Lily – the info on the screen disappeared too fast to note – a smallish white dog, kind of Pomeranian-y. She was escorted quickly by two women from one side of the baseball field around the perimeter to the other side. And then she disappeared.

Such was the dog adoption program at a home game of the Trenton Thunder last night, June 16. Later, I heard about the technical difficulties that had caused things not to run so well. But short of going to another Thunder game, I can’t confirm that. Meanwhile, Lilly or Lily got short shrift.

Homeless dogs: a worthy reason to do something. But was what happened at last night’s game anything much beyond lip service? “The Trenton Thunder has a dog adoption program.” Whoopie. Check off that good-sounding option as something (reportedly) being done here.

At least it wasn’t outright stupid and insulting, as so many other between-inning activities were -- musical chairs? A race between two little kids, the Thunder mascot and “Thunder Bolt” that the latter two worked hard to lose? A contest to see who can get dizzier fastest by revolving around a baseball bat and then trying to run?

Maybe the good side of this dog adoption gambit is that at least people hear or see the words, and the concept sticks with them. Maybe.

So Lilly-Lily had an outing: a drive to the stadium, the excitement on the baseball field, then a drive back to the shelter she came from. Bummer.

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