Saturday, June 20, 2009

Entrepreneur alert (2)

And now, a new idea for those looking for a start-up business: an animal ambulance, or more clearly, an ambulance for animals. Why not? Like people, animals have health emergencies too. People can phone 911 for ambulance service, but what about pet parents who can’t drive or don’t have a car at their disposal? Call a friend or a cab? Doubtful.

What’s needed is a 24-hour (or even a night time-only) ambulance service for animals. Some middle-of-the-night, a companion animal will need medical help, but the emergency vet’s a distance away and hard enough to find in the daytime. Besides, the people are so upset for the animal they may not be the best drivers to make the trip. Or they can’t make it -- maybe they’re disabled or have no car.

That’s a job for. . . “Animal Ambulance”! It could be run by a vet or a veterinarian-paramedic (or even a non-medical but responsible person) with a van equipped for the comfort of animals and humans. It could come to the home and at least convey the animal to an emergency facility or at most, offer treatment at home. Return trip arrangements could be included.

Of course there would be a fee, something devoted pet parents would be happy to pay. Pet insurance might eventually cover such a thing. What peace of mind an Animal Ambulance would offer a helpless person who doesn’t want to wait till morning to help a loved animal companion feel better.

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