Monday, June 1, 2009

Mothers of them all

Although I finished watching the 6-part series on"Naturer's most amazing events" last night, I kept thinking about it -- what repeated (besides those awful commercials) and what impressed me. One overriding impression is that in nature, mothers prevail.

All sorts of animal mothers were shown protecting, teaching, feeding, leading, birthing, mourning, starving so their offspring could eat. Fathers were generally out of the picture. In the last 2 programs of 6, the only males I remember being described as such were the bull elephants that turned up just in time to stir up the bottom of a dirty pond the females and babies were carefully drinking from.

For so many of the animals shown, life seemed like nothing more than cycles of starve, fight, search for food and water and finally, die -- with lots of random bad luck thrown in. Some may think this pattern applies to humans too (as in Lynn T's old saying, "Life's unfair and then you die."), but I would disagree.

Even though the same pre-death events happen to all of us, to some degree, we also have music, poetry, memories, hope, consciousness of beauty, etc. Unlike those of the animals in the series, our lives are not solely "Nature red in tooth and claw." We have reasons to live besides eating, making it to the next water hole, laying our eggs . . .

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